We are a small team, but we're working hard to produce as many masks as possible. Our founder, Marcela is also working from home, video conferencing with us daily and making masks herself. We will also be sharing our mask-making methods so that others who are able can pitch-in and create this much-needed commodity. We are doing our best to contribute what we can during this time and we hope everyone is doing their part and staying safe as well. Thank you! 

The second mask is meant for personal use; comprised of 3 layers. We layered a non-woven fabric in between two layers of cotton to provide filtration and to help block out pathogens.  There is also a sewn-in wire cord to help form the mask across the bridge of the nose. These masks can be used for the general public. They will be available for purchase with  proceeds going back to making more masks which we can donate. These are now available for purchase on our site.

Personal Use Masks

The Mask Covers are designed to be used in conjunction with N95 masks. They are meant to be worn over the N95's to increase the mask's longevity. These masks will not be available for purchase. We are working directly with organizations such as The Mask Project of Tampa Bay to help distribute these masks to healthcare workers as part of the #MaskWarrior campaign.

Mask Covers

We have made the choice to focus our energy on manufacturing masks to help prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. We have the materials and the skills to contribute these masks to the cause. We are currently working on producing two types of masks, Mask Covers and Personal Use Masks.

We at Marcela, Inc. realize that the entire world has been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis and we have put our heads together to figure out how we can help. 

What We Can Do

The Personal Use Masks are not meant to replace the actual N95 masks and will not provide the same coverage. These are NOT medical grade masks.

shop masks

The last time you might have heard from us, we were closing the store and moving to a new building. We felt like we were rushing against the clock trying to empty out our space and get into our new location before our area was placed on lockdown. My goals were to keep working, get the office organized and plan out the new and improved store – but like all of you, our plans had been placed on hold for a bit. {...Read more...}

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Making Masks In The Coronavirus Pandemic

We are super thankful for 10 News to share our story on how we've shifted our business to making masks and the reasoning and motivation behind it.

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