Prayers for My Baby Boy Prayer Book


Empower your baby boy’s journey with 40+ comforting prayers in ‘Prayers for My Baby Boy.’ A heartfelt gift for moms filled with faith and love!

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Product Description

Prayers for my Baby Boy is a collection of more than 40 beautiful and comforting prayers to guide mothers as they rest their precious baby boy’s life in the loving hands of God.
Prayers for My Baby Boy features prayers for moms to pray over their baby boys. The prayers and Scripture promises in Prayers for My Baby Boy will guide moms in covering their baby boy with God’s faithful promises, protection, and blessing.
96 full-color pages filled with adorable animal designs will warm any new mother’s heart. Gilt-edging on the pages and foiled accents on the padded hardcover qualifies this little gift book as an item to save for your children’s children. Add this little book full of heartwarming prayers to your baby shower gift registry or add one to a baby shower gift basket.
96 Gilt-edged Pages
Full-color Interior
Padded Hardcover
Foiled Accents on Cover
Size: 7.2″ x 4.8″ x 0.6″ (183 x 122 x 15 mm)

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