Baby Memory Book Refill Pages – Full Set of Baby Memory Book Pages – “My First Years”


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Product Description

The most important event of your life deserves the most thorough collection of memories. Custom Baby Memory Book Pages from Marcela will assure that every precious moment of your newborn’s early years are recorded forever. Choose from our default style, pink, blue, mommies or daddies set. Each set of pages has the same information but with different looks. Our neutral color set is the default option or you can order it in pink or blue. The pink and blue pages have the same content, but different illustrations and color schemes. The Mommies and Daddies pages are offered in our default style, but have content targeted for same-sex parents.

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Our baby books will embrace every memory and life event that gets tucked inside. “My First Years” Baby Memory Book Pages from Marcela includes these pages:

  • All About Mommy and All About Daddy
  • Baby’s Grandparents (Mother’s Side and Father’s Side)
  • The Family Tree and Family History
  • In Anticipation of a New Baby
  • Baby’s Arrival Baby Shower (48 lines for guest and gifts on 2 pages and 3 accompanying blank pages)
  • Birth Announcement Handprints and Footprints
  • The World as it Was When Baby Was Born
  • Baby’s Homecoming
  • Record of Growth and New Discoveries
  • Through First 12 Months
  • Doctor and Dentist Visits
  • First Bath
  • Baby’s Firsts (1st tooth, 1st haircut, 1st steps)
  • Baby’s Favorite Things
  • Baby’s New Adventures
  • Baby’s First Travels
  • Baby’s First Birthday
  • Second – Fifth Birthdays
  • First Day of School Special
  • Memories
  • 14 Blank Pages
  • Photographs (over 50 areas to attach photos throughout the pages)


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Dimensions 4 × 16 × 16 in

Choose from a selection of baby page inserts for your baby book. Each set contains pages where you can record such things as your baby’s weight to first steps and words all in one place. Each book has the same information, but is offered in pink, blue or a more neutral look and has different illustrations. We also offer our neutral style book for same-sex parents – the Mommies and Daddies pages. To view the contents of each book in depth, click here.

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