Batiste Bib with Embroidered Blue Shoe


Simplify mealtime or snack time with Marcela’s Batiste Bib featuring an embroidered blue shoe. Crafted from 100% Batiste cloth, this bib blends practicality with style, offering adjustable ruffles and ribbon for comfort and convenience.

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Product Description

Make meal time or snack time easier and fuss-free with Marcela’s Batiste Bib with Embroidered Shoe. Made from 100% Batiste cloth, this bib features ruffles and a ribbon that make it stylish and conveniently adjustable. Choose between pink-bordered ruffles with embroidered ballerina shoes or blue-bordered ruffles with embroidered sneakers, or both.

Marcela’s Batiste Bib with Embroidered Shoe is a fashion statement in itself, elevating your baby’s mealtime attire with style and personality. Whether it’s a casual family dinner or a special occasion, this bib adds a touch of charm to every feeding moment.