Large Baby Keepsake Box In Silk Dress on Shantung


Preserve your baby’s precious mementos with our Large Baby Keepsake Box in Silk Dress on Shantung. This handmade pink silk dress adds an elegant touch to fine shantung fabric.

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Product Description

This handmade Large Baby Keepsake Box Silk Dress Shantung is an elegant decoration on fine shantung fabric. 

Available in white shantung.

This baby keepsake box is wrapped with fabric inside and out and measures 21″ x 17″ x 7.25″ and is perfect for storing precious mementos such as a Christening dress, baby shoes, favorite blanket, stuffed animal, toy, or doll.

Personalize with a name, monogram or initials. See Gallery for font and thread options.

SKU #: B21R-57G