Large Ring Bound Photo Album with Multicolored Train on Micro Stripe Cotton


Preserve your cherished memories with our Large Ring Bound Photo Album Multicolored Train on micro-striped cotton. Personalize with a name, monogram, or initials. Holds up to 60 photos!

Product Description

This handmade Large Ring Bound Photo Album Multicolored Train is carefully placed on micro-striped cotton and it’s guaranteed to never run out of steam. 

Available in blue micro striped cotton.

This fabric-covered three-ring binder measures 10″ x 11.75″ and comes with (15) 11.25″ x 9″ archival sheet protectors to hold your cherished photos.

Personalize with a name, monogram or initials. See Gallery for font and thread options.

Hold all your favorite memories in the Large Ring Photo Album!

-This album features 30 high-quality pages.
Each sheet includes a protective sleeve, made of clear archival PVC free plastic.
-These top-loading sleeves are easy to use and keep your photos safe.

Choose the layout that works for you:
-Display one large 8×10 photo per page.
-Or, fit two smaller 4×6 photos on each page.

With flexible layout options, you can store up to 60 photos in this album.


Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × 12 in

Marcela Embroidery Fonts

Producy threads

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