Large Ring Bound Photo Album In Silk Dress on Shantung


Keep your favorite memories safe in our Large Ring Bound Photo Album in Silk Dress on Shantung. Available in white shantung. Personalize with a name or initials. Holds up to 60 photos.

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Product Description

This handmade Large Ring Bound Photo Album Silk Dress Shantung is an elegant decoration on fine shantung fabric. 

Available in white shantung.

This fabric-covered three-ring binder measures 10″ x 11.75″ and comes with (15) 11.25″ x 9″ archival sheet protectors to hold your cherished photos.

Personalize with a name, monogram or initials. See Gallery for font and thread options.

Hold all your favorite memories in the Large Ring Photo Album!

-This album features 30 high-quality pages.
Each sheet includes a protective sleeve, made of clear archival PVC free plastic.
-These top-loading sleeves are easy to use and keep your photos safe.

Choose the layout that works for you:
-Display one large 8×10 photo per page.
-Or, fit two smaller 4×6 photos on each page.

With flexible layout options, you can store up to 60 photos in this album.

SKU #: AR11-57G

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