Meet Odette, the graceful ballerina swan plush toy from the beloved Bukowski Bear company.

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Introducing Odette the Ballerina Swan: Graceful Plush Dreams Take Flight!
From the beloved Bukowski Bear company comes Odette, a majestic white swan ready to pirouette into your heart. This isn’t your ordinary stuffed animal; Odette is a ballerina extraordinaire, adorned in a tutu as delicate as her feathers and sparkling ballerina shoes.


Bedtime stories come alive as Odette dances across the moonlit pages.
Tea parties take on a touch of elegance with Odette as your graceful guest.
Creative imaginations soar as Odette inspires twirling adventures and grand jetés.
More than just a toy, Odette is a:

Cuddly companion: Crafted with luxuriously soft plush, Odette is perfect for snuggles and sweet dreams.
Exquisite décor: Display Odette on a shelf or dresser, and her elegant presence will add a touch of magic to any room.
Gift that sparks joy: Odette makes the perfect present for aspiring ballerinas, animal lovers, and anyone who appreciates timeless charm.
Join Odette on a journey of grace and wonder!
Measures 10 inches

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