Baby Hair Bands – Polkadot Grosgrain Bows (Set of 3)


Add a playful touch to your baby’s hairstyle with Marcela’s Polkadot Grosgrain Bow Baby Hair Bands Set. These adorable hairbands feature 2 1/2 ” wide polka dot grosgrain bows attached to ponytail holder hair bands made from soft jersey material.

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Product Description

Here’s a perfect headband for playing in the park: Marcela’s Polkadot Grosgrain Bow Baby Hair Bands.

2 1/2″ wide polka dots on ribbon on a ponytail holder hair band made from jersey material. Set of 3. 1 of each color in light blue, peach and dark blue.

Enhance your baby’s accessory collection with Marcela’s Baby Hair Bands. With their charming polka dot bows and comfortable jersey hair bands, they are the perfect accessory for outdoor adventures and playful days in the park. Order now and let your little one’s personality shine through with these adorable and versatile hair bands.


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